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Hey guys I am Nibu babu thomas.

I often used to think that I should have a website of my own. I am realising that dream.
Something about me.

I am an MCA.
I have done B.Com also.

I also love to play musical instruments.
I only play christian music.

The passion of my life is to be a great computer programmer and to develop an operating system like LINUX and to name it as NIBX.
How's it. Cool isn't it.
It's just a distant dream which I am trying hard to achieve.

I enjoy life in the right way. I am very choosy about the friends I make. Don't be scared I am an extremely friendly person.

Visit me again.
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My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: Integrity music, Ron Kenoly
Favorite movie: Ben-hur
Favorite book: Anything related to Computers
Favorite sports team: Indian cricket team.
Favorite food: Anything cooked by my dearest mother

My Hobbies

Playing guitar, piano, drums.
Writing interesting computer programs

Most Admired

My Father and Mother

Nibu thomas
A Crazy Programmer

Crazy programmer


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